Do you still need a bluetooth dongle for wireless controllers?

  • I was reading in the forum that you need a bluetooth dongle to make bluetooth wireless controllers work. Is this still the case? I was going to buy a PS3 controller to play some older games and needed to know if I should get a BT dongle. Also, out of curiosity would you go with a PS3 controller or PS4? Again I've read some various articles and stating that some knock off controllers didn't work as well. Therefore, I am specifically asking for original controllers experience. Although, if you have had a good experience with one brand over another I am open. I just don't want to waste my money.

  • What platform do you pretend to use Recalbox with? Rpi3b? x86_64? If you are using Rpi3, there is already a driver that will allow you to pair your controller with the built-in bluetooth controller. No need for dongles.

    About the controller, go with PS3 ones. Originals and Shanwan should get you the most out-of-the-box experience(and compatibility on mixing those two types)

  • @nwildner Thanks. I did. Seems to work well. I did notice after a reboot the controller didn't work. I was able to plug in another device and get it to work again. I am wondering if I will have to do this everytime.

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