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How to setup Very Low Resolution monitor?

  • Hi all, I have my raspberry pi with Recalbox connected to an old monitor 4:3 640x480. I have seen some options to change the HDMI mode but it seems the minimum I can put is 720p. Can somebody point me out how to specify my low resolution? Recalbox seems to load fine but I get flickering on the screen and whenever I load a game it goes to gray/black lines. Thanks in advance and sorry if this was answered but I couldn't find anything for such a low res.

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    Hi pal, For this kind of monitor, what you should do is let the rpi select the prefered resolution (it already does as ES displays ok). So just go to recalbox.conf, and change the ****.videomode to default. global.videomode=default n64.videomode=default

  • Oh thanks a ton. I understood that mode was for CRTs but I'm using HDMI so I wasn't sure if that was also the way to go. I'll give it a try in a bit.

  • I setted the global.videomode to default but I still have the same problem. During booting everything is fine but the moment the frontend loads I can see very annoying flickering and the games don't show properly. I have checked in the terminal which mode is the preferred for my screen (it is 800x600 I though it was 640x480 sorry) and it sais it is DMT mode 9 (800x600 4:3).  I tried as well setting that as global.videomode=DMT 9 HDMI with no difference. It looks like it doesn't really respect the config that I set in recalbox.conf or there is something else going on that I have no idea.

  • And if you switch directly your video mode in your /boot/config.txt file ?

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! So here is how I solved it in case somebody else has the same problem: In the recalbox.conf I setted global.videomode=default. In /boot/config.txt I have this: hdmi_group=2 (DMT) hdmi_mode=9 (mode 9 800x600 4:3) hdmi_drive=1 (I'm using an HDMI converter). To know your mode you can do from the terminal tvservice -m CEA or tvservice -m DMT (in my case I needed the second) and it will show you which one is the preferred mode (in my case mode 9 but also mode 4 was supported).

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    Cool 🙂

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