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    Hello everyone, After many tests and trials, here is - to my knowledge - the best possible distribution by system of the best arcade games in Recalbox 3.3.0.b14 allowing optimal performances and working state You can annotate the document if you wish to correct mistakes. If you wish to participate more actively, contact me to gain edit rights

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    Well everything's been tested cleaned up and brought up-to-date, so here is what we can call version 1.0 Thanks to @courte for his help ! If someone could send me a private message with a link to  FBA fullset (romset 0.167) that would be nice, thanks !

  • Thank you for this! I was thinking about doing something similar as I find that a lot of the roms from the MAME4ALL set are hit or miss as far as compatibility goes. I'm also weeding through all of my console ROM sets separating cross-platform games and only keeping games that received a generally positive reception, games that have a popular cult following, and games that I personally thought were really good.

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