Games not launch

  • Hello Everyone,
    i just instal the beta update on my new PI3B+. and games are not luching, when i press on them, there is a zomm, black screen, and come back again on game list.
    I try also to lauch KODI, same thing.
    I don't know what to do

    Best Regards,

  • @fouleck oh my god, why can't you just read the very first post of the dedicatd topic ? why do people have to ignore documentations, go full steam ahead installing, and then complain it's not working ? This very question has been answered many times in the beta topic, please read it, not just quickly read through to get the links ...

  • Dear @substring ,
    thank you for your help, i will check this topic.

    For your knowledge, I try to find an answere since sevral hour and everytime someone ask, all answere are: "please "find by yourself dumb".

    also, i had recalbox on rpi2, works without any additional things to do. i was thinking, it was the same on rpi3B+

    Last thing, i am not complain, just asking 🙂

    Kiss !

  • @fouleck the fact is : how can you be aware of the beta without checking its topic ... If some websites or fb groups or whatever are advertising the beta without giving the special notes, then they are a bunch of morons. Period.

    the beta is clrealy stated as "for testing, bug feedback, and people who have a little experience with recalbox and even linux if possible. But this is all explained in the testers' corner ... It's not meant for production purpose, or people who just want to find a usage for their pi3b+ as it's still very buggy.

    So forgive my "anger", but, believe me, it's worth 😄

  • @substring, Believe me i really understand your point !
    I din't knew that is only beta works when i bought the RPI3B+ this morning.


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