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  • Hello,
    i have installed the latest version of x64 on my eeepc 1015pn.
    All works fine, but the games and system runs seems to run on the Intel intel GMA 3150 graphic card.
    But my laptop has an nvidia ION (GT218) graphic card and an Intel intel GMA 3150.

    Is there a way to see which one is used ?
    Is there a way or a config to use the nvidia and not the Intel card?

    Best regards.

  • Creator

    @Adelnikov hybrid graphics is not simple to manage with linux. see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/hybrid_graphics "This technology is well supported on Windows but it's still quite experimental with Linux distributions"

    most of the time, on linux distro, xorg uses the first integrated gpu (intel gma in your case) and when you need GPU power or 3D you run the specific software with optirun or another tool which switch on the 3D card.

    This is not implemented on Recalbox AFAIK, it needs OPtimus and/or bumblebee (for nvidia cards) nd PRIME for AMD cards.

    But my knowlegde about that is quite old, so perharps something new happens? @Substring an idea?

    Are you able to deactivate the intel card in the BIOS of your laptop? this is the only solution I see right now to force recalbox to use the 3D card.

  • Hi thanks for your quick answer.
    Unfortunately there is no option in BIOS related to GPU.
    I've just read on some linux forum that the parameter could be saved and need a restart to order.
    So i will try to boot an OS from USB, load Optimus and restart on recalbox.
    I'll keep you advise.

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