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  • I just installed Recalbox on a USB drive on my old pc. Recalbox seems to be running very slow. Even moving between the menus is very laggy. Is this possibly due to an unsupported GPU card? I'd appreciate any advice that can help me fix this issue.
    My PC:
    Lenovo M73
    CPU: Intel® Pentium G3220T
    GPU: AMD Radeon 8570
    4GB RAM
    Recalbox is installed on a SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 64GB.

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    @redfox11 Hello!
    Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with Recalbox. you did not say which version and what architecture you tested, by the configuration of your computer I deduce that you have tried to install the 32-bit version, considering this, TEST the 64-bit version also (or vice-versa) it is not a guarantee, but it is better to test.
    If the other version does not work, it is a sign that there is a driver incompatibility, probably with the video card (this has happened to me too, there is nothing to do for now).
    They are testing a version, it is in the open beta phase, it promises to bring several improvements and greater compatibility, it is a possible future solution.

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