"Wii R" console for my girlfriend

  • So i'm going to move out in a month, and i met my girlfriend about two years ago by bringing my own portable recalbox to uni and playing there. She asked if i had crash in it and i said no, so the next day she brought me a USB stick with all three roms and i had to put them in so she could play. We also played some smash and mario kart together. Fast forward a year, and we play in each other's house every now and then, so i want to give my raspberry pi to her, with all our favourite games. I have already changed the startup video and the menu's music. I tried making a custom theme, but i can't really get the hang of it. The problem is, the video is 25 seconds long, and it fades about 5 seconds before it ends. The video is some "gameboy" looking pictures of us, with the first song i dedicated to her in 8-bit style. It needs to be 25 seconds because its the "important" part of the song. Is there any way to make the startup time longer?

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    @sergio-villanueva Please read the wiki!

    ## Splash screen duration
    ## 0: Video will be played for 20 seconds (default)
    ## -1: All the video will be played (it won't be stopped automatically)
    ## >0 : Time before the video will be stopped (in seconds)

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