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    The project was to have an Arcade cabinet inside our living room, but without impacting our decoration, so I decided to design it all by myself. All the computer assisted design was done on CREO, and all the making process by myself during the week-ends, it took me approximately 15 to 20 hours just to make the cabinet. The screen and the raspberry turn on automatically on opening and shut down when you close the plate, there is also a lighting system on the top remotely command by my domotic system. The purpose of sharing this video is first to present my work but also to encourage all the community into the DIY stuff, so I share everything in the comments bellow, 3D files, cut out drawing etc...

    Presentation Video

    Photo Gallery

    3D files and drawing

  • Theme moderator

    @d3smo Awesome ! It's remarquable work. Very clean and well thought, every one should have one of this in is house... well in mine for sure 🙂

  • @d3smo
    it looks very nice ! congratulations :-).
    I have started to make my own bartop as well.
    I have a question for you. how did you manage for the sound ? are you using some speakers ?
    thank you.

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