Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • @substring

    It did solve the crashes! Thanks, didn't realise I had to remap it while on bluetooth.
    No more crashes.

    The Speed - 1200 MHz for a RPI3B+ is that simply the wrong information from Recalbox or is it actually running slower than it should?

  • @stefankrantz if you rely on the overclock page, they are still adapted to pi3, not pi3b+

  • @substring just by curiosity, do you plan, if it's possible, to make b+ overclocking available in a sooner release ?

  • @substring

    Yeah, thats the one!
    I discovered an other error with the PS3-controller.
    It's not responding at all in PS1-emulation.
    For other games (example N64) and in ES it works, but not PSX.
    My 8BitDo-controller works in PS1 though.

  • @gaetan need first to make a distinction between 3b+ and 3b ... which IS possible, but the only solution i have so far sucks

  • Can you please supply an image for x86 (for machines that can't do 64-bit)?

  • @kimmykaroo i'd rather have you upgrade if you can, one of the main purpose is to test the upgrade process too as it has some major changes, i don't want to brick any recalbox

  • Hi ! I try the new release.
    I'm sorry, I will write in French, because my English is too bad to explain that happened!

    Donc, j'ai fait la maj bêta sur mon pi2.
    J'ai remap ma manette ps3 et j'ai d'abord voulu tester kodi, car j'avais un bug jusqu'à présent (la manette officielle ne fonctionait pas sur kodi avec le driver bluez 5). J'attendais la maj de kodi pour voir. Et bien sûr kodi 17, problème résolu.
    J'ai mis le stockage des Rom sur anyexternal et j'ai branché mon disque dur habituel avec ma configuration, mes roms, mes bios, saves...
    Mais je ne pouvais lancer aucun jeu, retour direct sur es.
    J'ai pensé au un problème du disque dur. J'ai donc fait une réparation sur Windows 10, et ça a marché !
    J'ai testé quelques jeux, qui ont fonctionné puis j'ai voulu retourner sur kodi. Et là, la manette ne fonctionnait plus. J'ai donc changé le driver pour shanwan via le Web manager et j'ai redémarré. A partir de la, c'était pire, puisque je ne pouvait plus lancer kodi non plus, ni aucun jeu, retour sur Es.
    J'ai éteint le pi et Remis ma sd avec mon système stable pour tester et écarter un problème vendu disque dur. Tout fonctionne très bien.

    Edit: pour le problème de manette sur kodi, c'est plus compliqué : avec le driver bluez5, sur la stable, la manette ps3 ne fonctionne pas sur kodi, que le disque dur soit branché ou non.
    Sur la beta, la manette ps3 fonctionne avec le driver bluez5 sur kodi, mais pas si le disque dur est branché. Ça vaudrait le coup que j'efface tous les fichiers de configuration présent sur le dd et que je ne garde que les dossiers Rom, save et bios (et éventuellement les thèmes) pour voir ce que ça donne.

  • OK, now, the system is stable. I had some freeze after wifi configuration (need to restart es by webmanager).
    In kodi, I pressed r2 to mute, but after is impossible to have sound back.
    Some time, after power off the systèm, Black screen. Need to power of by Web manager.
    No virtual keybord to do settings in es.

    But, no bigs troubles !

    (I'm sorry, my English is terrible !)

  • Ça fonctionne bien sur rpi 3b+ rien à dire pour le moment

  • I'm trying to edit to:

    but, it's not working, changes are made on the file, but as soon as I reboot it changes to:


    Update doesn't pop up and can't continue...

    I've everything as EXTERNAL, so the file is located in:

  • Hi. I have a 3 b + and every time I enter the game it returns to the game menu.
    In updates.type (https://review-507-bump-b-0jn0c0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com)I have inserted the second line as indicated at the beginning and it does not update me. I do not know how I can solve it, I hope you help me.

    PS: Sorry for my English but I do not usually use it much.

  • @betikito84
    You need to re-map your pad.

  • Finally I've managed to update, I had to disable automatic updates too, to be able to update.

    The update literally broke everything, everything is playing extremely slow, boot-up videos are extremely slow.

    Games are playing half-speed or worse and audio is playing slow and buggy.

    The only thing that seems to work correctly is EmulationStation (except audio that is still slow and buggy).

    I'm using a CRT (720x576 @50hz)

    support file

  • Kodi behaves the same way... basically every scene in which there is sound seems to slowdown, maybe it's something related to the sound driver...

    I've disabled audio in the config.txt file and now games seems to move doble speed, Final Fantasy VIII (PAL) moves at 100FPS...

    Sonic 3 and Knuckles goes double speed too, N64 too...

  • I have updatet with the furst update link and after the update i have a black screen and the system does not reboot. Also i have the warning when i start an enulation or boot recalbox comes „ Under voltage detected“ and i cannot play my games from the external hard drive .

  • Successfully upgraded on RPi3B then moved micro SD card over to RPi3B+. Issues found:

    • After remapping Logitech F710 controller have no controller input in Kodi. Tried using keyboard to navigate Kodi to remap controller and while left/right keyboard cursor keys work, the up/down keyboard cursor keys cause it to appear like down cursor was held down.

    • msx2 gamelist.xml keeps getting zeroed out on a reboot or force update game list.

    • atarist games no longer run and just return to menu when launched.

    Here's the support archive although there were some errors running the script:


    lspci: /sys/bus/pci/devices: No such file or directory
    /recalbox/scripts/recalbox-support.sh: line 53: aplay: command not found
    /recalbox/scripts/recalbox-support.sh: line 54: glxinfo: command not found
    /recalbox/scripts/recalbox-support.sh: line 55: xrandr: command not found
    /recalbox/scripts/recalbox-support.sh: line 56: xrandr: command not found


  • @juakin dont do anything in ES. Or rather stop es in the webmanager, make the edit, the restart es

  • @betikito84 have at least read the 1st post of this topic ?

  • @juakin on which board are you running ? Pi ? Odroid ? PC ? As you're the only one with such problems, i believe it's something wrong on your side. Which customizations have you made ?

    try removing audio_pwm_mode=2

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