18.07.13 networking issue

  • Hey buds, I just grabbed the newest recalbox because I haven't updated in over a year. I decided to flash the new recal to a new card and just tinker with it from the ground up rather than upgrading my current build.

    Amazing, love the new intros, the new layout, new menus, the free music, and the little games ain't bad. I connect to the internet no problem then I hop onto my browser and try to transfer games. Can't connect using http://recalbox or the IP, I launched WinSCP and gave it go and got the same thing. Just timing out and not getting a response from the Pi.

    I never had any problems with connecting in either fashion before and I'm just a dummy following your instructions so I can't offer any insight into what's up beyond telling you guys about it.

    It's no real bother for me as I was just seeing what is new, my current build suits me just fine, but someone else may have the issue and I didn't see it when I searched the forum so I figured I'd report it to y'all.

    Have a good one and thanks a bunch for all your hard work lad, youse guys are amazing.

  • @marchegiano ethernet or wifi ? Are you using Windows 10 ?

  • Wifi and Win7

  • @marchegiano Can you access through wired connection? Try to access with wired connection and configure WiFi from menu of EmulationStation,then try again from the browser > http://recalbox (or IP)

  • @quemandoacromo

    I don't know yet. All the wired ports on our router are being used at the moment but whenever I get an opportunity to plug it in I'll do that and tell y'all what happens.

  • I didn't get access to a wired connection yet, but I was able to get on another PC, also Windows 7. I had no problems connecting through either method. The new screen is cool too!

    Clearly this is my problem not Recalbox's but if y'all like I could continue to update the thread as I tinker just in case someone else down the line has the same issue.

  • I can't hardly say what the issue was. We lost power for about an hour and when it came back I was able to boot and connect like there never was an issue.

    I'd suggest rebooting your router if you have a similar issue and if that doesn't work reboot your PC.

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