Using Non-Liberto Cores

  • Re: How do you install alternative cores?

    I'm getting lead in major circles here. On one hand, I see guides for EmulationStation and RetroPie that instruct folks to 'build an emulator core' then import it through SSH or whatever.

    On the other hand, I'm coming across a ton of tutorials that state adding cores to RecalBox is impossible, but that RecalBox offers far more than the Libreto cores and we can switch by accessing the EmulationStation menu in-game.

    Trouble is, when I try to do this following the controller button combo in the Odroid XU4 flavor of RecalBox, it just resets the game. I can't access the menu and therefore can't select an alternative core. I've tried to do that through RecalBox's menu before getting into a game and the only flavor of core for every emulator is Liberato. There's no other options.

    I'd really like to use cheats on some of my games and imported a list of cht files, but can't access them using Liberato's cores apparently.

    I'm not good with Linux, SSH, or shell access, but I'd be willing to learn. Just kinda lost on which guide to follow for proper results. All the info I'm getting seems to conflict and I'd rather not completely bork my RecalBox install or any of my existing emulators following bad directions. Anybody got a link to a comprehensive article?

  • @grimfusion first of all : do you know tout can change cores yourself on ES ?

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