Pi 3b+ : any advice ?

  • Hello,
    Just bought a RPI 3b+, before reading the compatibility issue (sigh).
    I've installed retroPie instead for the moment (what a difference ... recalbox is far away ahead in terms of UI/UX, bravo guys for your job !!!)

    My question now, which I hope you won't take as an harassement (and sorry if you do ...) : as I bought this as a gift for my brother who lives abroad (but actually on holidays with me in France), do you think I can wait before giving him the stuff because the new major update will come out soon (he'll leave on 24-aug), or is there still no idea of a realease date (and I would better teach him how to install recalbox by himself, being ready for the future release) ?

    (last message on the locked topic date back to 15-may, that's why I'm asking)

    Thanks for all your work guyz, it's just amazing, and incredibly joyfull being able to play such good old games ;).

  • @cédric-hammer the beta will start around mid august i hope. I expect 1 month of beta, depending on how many people will participate (it's summer time, people are on holidays ...), Which bugs are found

    You can watch fabrice's last facebook live event which will give you a little more details (as i think you're french 😉 )

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