Start and Select crashes Recalbox

  • Just applied an update this morning. Everything's great except when I use the hotkey (Start & Select) to back out of a game, it goes black. Have to power cycle every time I back out of a game. Suggestions?

    Version 18.07.13

  • @tehdonkeykong In which architecture are you having trouble? RPi3 / 2/1, PC 32/64?
    In the Main Menu go to "Controller Settings", "Configure A Controller" and then do the Button Mapping for your Controller.
    Also, it is not necessary to restart the system when it locks on a black screen, you can use the recalbox manager and restart the Emulationstation, most of the time that is enough, and faster.

  • @zing Pi 3 Model B. I haven't tried re mapping the hotkey. Hopefully that would fix it.

    I may just re write to the micro SD card and run the update again.

  • @tehdonkeykong Since you intend to rewrite the SD card, it is best to do a clean installation of the latest version, unfortunately this will force you to redo the settings you made, but it eliminates the possibility of having an error when updating.

  • @zing Yeah a clean install did the trick. No issues whatsoever. Thanks!

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