x64 - N64 emus not working. HW?

  • Hi guys and thanks for the awesome work with Recalbox.

    I'm testing latest x64 branch on old HW. Specs:

    • Pentium B820 2,8 Ghz (775)
    • 1,5 GB DDR RAM
    • EVGA Geforce 6200 512 MB (AGP)
    • HDD 80 GB (IDE)

    Almost everything works like a charm (even i can use SMB with Skraper for scraping and in a day i got 29000-ish pictures...nice.) execpr for some things.

    On PSX, mednafen_hw doesn't work (because old card, obviously), mednafen works, but slowly. On the recent update (18.07.13 - don't know if on older versions comes in) came with PCSX_rearmed on libretro. Works very well! A bit pixelated maybe, but hey!

    The real issue is with N64.

    I got some games on *.n64 format (after seeing that zip doesn't work with mupen64). Testing with mupen and glupen, all i can get is a return to ES. Mupen for a second it appears that it will start, but it doesn't.

    I start adding the recalbox.conf option(consider that tvservice it's not working on x64):

    n64.videomode=default/auto CEA 1 HDMI/CEA 1 HDMI (even when the output is VGA, all outputs are informed as CEA 1 HDMI...although the res is set by xrandr and startx)

    None of the emus will start. Not even a black screen. Just back to ES.
    Any thoughts? i have access to SSH if you can guide me to any log.

    Thanks and greetings from Chile!

  • Well, for now, i can figure it out myself.

    alt text

    It appears that when the emulator is called from ES, the video plugin is called as "mupen64plus-video-gliden64.so" but the new version is called "mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2.so"

    This cannot be changed from mupen64plus.cfg, since (aparently) it's a script from ES. I'm already made the test. When the emulator is called from ES, the .cfg is rewritten with the old location for the video plugin.

    I'm trying to find where this script is.

  • @bernoo gliden64 and glide64mk2 can be selected in the emulators parameters. Still, i'm surprised you donlt have gliden64 anymore O_o

  • On parameters, all i can select on plugin is "glide64MK2". There's not gliden64.so on /usr/lib/mupen64plus and since its a read-only system, i can't rename it either.

    I was trying to search the line where the plugin is called (with grep) but without luck. Also the scripts in /recalbox/scripts can't be modified.

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