Recalbox 7.0

Emulator settings issue after the update

  • Good morning everyone,

    Before the update, i had merged all MAME & FBA roms in the same Arcade folder with custom emulator/control settings.

    After updating RecalBox to the latest version, i noticed that the Arcade games would no longer show up so i was able to fix it by editing the es_system.cfg file. But now, it seems like my custom emulator/control settings did not follow.

    Fortunately i have a backup of the previous version i had so i still have access to it, but i would really appreciate if you guys could point me out the file that should be migrated and/or edited in order for me to use my custom emulator/control settings.

    Thanks in advance !

  • Banned

    @dav19e this is a functionnality you made / adaptes by yourself so I don't see how we could do support for it.

    Also there is no support at all for unofficial images

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