Reset Game with the Reset button from NES Case

  • Hello everyone, I have a problem. I build up a RetroNes (PI2 in a Nes Case) everything works fine. Now it comes to the hard part. I want connect the Reset push button from the orginal Nes to the GPIO from the PI. No problem until now the Button works but i like to have the same behave from the button like the original NES. If i push the Reset the game should be Reset. In retroarch it is possible to add a button to reset the game, but that works just for the 1.player.(I use 2 logitech joypads as controller) Is there a possibility to tell the system that just the GPIO button should do the game reset? Thanks for your suggestions...

  • Hello, to do that you have to solder the switch button to the pin RUN, not on the GPIO itself. See the picture below :     This is the raspberry's hard reset button. The thing is that there's differents ways to shutdown the Raspberry and depending of the way, the hard reset button can also be the start button (or not!).   See this post too (sorry it's in french...) or or

  • Hello Gui, thanks for your answer. Yes i was thinking about this solution, but this is not what I really want, because a hard reset means that the hole system must reboot again. What I mean is that you just reset the current game you play. So I use the GPIO not for controlling the game. I have 2 wireless USB Controller for that. In retroarch you have the option under settings/control to reset the game, but this function is related to the hotkey function. The problem is in the moment for me that just the first player controller has the Hotkey function enabled. All other controller 2,3,4 player can not use hotkey. If I could change the permission that every controller can use Hotkey the reset will probably work. The purpose is to have the real feeling from the old NES.

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