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Controllers Don't Work When Using Favorites

  • I have updated to the latest version and if I do not use the 'Favorites' function to mark/add games to my Favorites list, everything works fine.

    But if I mark/add one or more games from one or more console systems (mame, neo geo etc) and leave my recalbox idle for up to five minutes, then then controllers are no longer responsive. Recalbox is still working I'm assuming as I hear the music playing and changing. I have to physically unplug\re-plug the power cord to boot it up again.

    If I remove the games from the Favorites then the problem goes away.

    If I install one version older than the current Recalbox release, the problem is not there.

    I'm using SNES-style generic USB controllers that I have been using for over a year now.

    any suggestions would be great.

  • Have you tried the latest version 18.07.13? It promises bug fixes for version 18.06.27, which should be the one you mentioned.

  • @tdelios always use the recalbox manager when your recalbox seems stuck ;)

  • Banned

    I know that I can only bind 2 hotkeys to the dpad. Left and Right....and that it cant be done through the favorites menu...but holy s*** i cannot bring up the favorites menu.I press Up on the dpad and nothing....

  • Banned

    @athman-abed i should doawnlad them from ; deleted by moderator

  • @tdelios Searching in the forum, I found two situations similar to yours:

    • In one of them, the problem was in the Theme, and using the default theme or another theme solved the situation
    • In the other situation, setting the joystick on the main menu solved the situation.

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