Sleep mode a very bad thing it apears

  • I have read many threads on this and recalbox offers no solutions? Since there is no sudo we can use the
    sudo sed -i
    fix. After some games play for x minutes it comes out of the game and sleeps, rendering some controllers useless. If the unit sleeps you can not exit sleep mode with some controllers as well, so you have to reboot it. All of this could be fixed by disabling sleep. Looks like ES only have a max of 30. IS there anyway to kill all sleep operations?

  • Why do not you want turn off sleep mode?

  • @ulao where does this problem occur ??? What on earth do you want to do with sed -i ? I'm not sure you understand what you'd do ... We've never needed sudo because you are already root

  • @substring I think I can confirm the behaviour that @ulao is trying to tell us here. When I leave Recalbox running after a certain number of minutes without a keypress it loses Connections to Xbox Wireless Controllers. To revive Recalbox I Need to unplug and replug the wireless Adapter into USB. To my best Knowledge that did not happen with earlier builds and seems to be a June-2018 Problem, but I could be wrong here. But I do confirm that Recalbox now loses USB Controller Connections after periods of inactivity.

  • @docbobo has explained my issue well.

  • @docbobo that's a kernel thing, nothing much happened on the kernel since the official launch of 4.1. I dont have that issue with my x360 clone ...

    Can you make a support archive once the pad has turned off ?

  • Not sure if this is related but I'd be pretty surprised if not. I just noticed unplugging my HDMI cable kills my usb devices. I bet what is going on here, is just that. The OS is changing screen modes or sleeping and the usb can not Handel it. This is not true on most os's that use the same kernel. IS there a way to have the kernel not shut off usb?

  • Banned

    Honestly, I never see a sleep mode concerning USB on my Pi's. It seems, but I may be wrong, that some wireless Xbox controller fall into sleep mode after some time of inactivity, depending of version.

  • Yeah, in this case it's wired. I did some more playing with things and found out that unplugging the usb and plugging it back in crashes ES. If I do it slowly, its ok. I'm pretty sure all of this is somehow related to the kernel. Not sure what kernel reto pi uses or recalbox for that matter but I only recalbox does these things. I could maybe grab some dmesg logs on this.

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