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Hyperkin Duke will be ultimate Retrogaming Controller ?

  • Hi guys

    The new Xbox One controller is there, I just got one , but this one is not detected by recalbox PC. ( maybe in the next update this one will be compatible )
    For me this is the best retrogaming controller ever, if you are a big fan of "Arcade Game" , with this "Controller" ( not Arcade Stick ) I will be able to play Killer Instinct and the Street Fighters with all the button in the correct position ( skip L and R ) and for N64 fans this will be the only controller to finally have the real c button ( skip the analog stick to play the ocarina in Zelda Ocarina of time ) .
    And in the future the ( with a small hack ) we will be able to use the controller screen to display information or emulate the Dreamcast VMU?

    What do you think about this controller ?

  • Staff

    @destructor79 if you want it to be properly recognized by recalbox, pair/connect it (bluetooth, rf dongle, usb?) and create a support file. Try to unplug/disconnect any other device if possible.

  • Banned

    @destructor79 said in Hyperkin Duke will be ultimate Retrogaming Controller ?:

    For me this is the best retrogaming controller ever

    Seriously ?? I still have two of them with my xbox classic, I would say these are some of the worst controllers I own

    And if you want to play vsfighting game, what's better than a stick anyway ?

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