install recalbox as an OS

  • Hello,
    I want to know if we can install recalbox as an os on a pc. What I mean is to iinstall it on the internal drive so that we don't need a usb key after it is installed.
    I saw many videos but each time, they use a usb key to boot recalbox.

  • And I want to know if it's possible with an internal drive i can't access and remove from the motherboard

  • @raiyoku

    If you cant access or remove the hdd, you could install a linux distro on say a usb stick. Then in the linux distro install etcher , download the recalbox image, then install the image to your internal drive using etcher.

    NOTE: This will wipe the entire drive (partitions and all) and the pc will only have recalbox installed on your computer. Be aware of the risks and proceed with caution.

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