Load State Problem on GB/GBC

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with GB and GBC emulator after upgrading the RecalBox to version 18.04.20. I can’t load the save state of my games… The others emulator PS1/SNES/NES… works without problem.

    I copied and tested the save state files of all GB/GBC games with gambatte in Windows version and it works perfectly and the files are not corrupted (I use directly a NAS and not the SD Card). I tried to make a save state with the version of Windows but the file format is different and don’t works on the Recalbox.

    Before the upgrade of RecalBox version the loading of the save state worked without any problem.

    It’s possible to convert the save state of GB / GBC for the new version updated with a software or a manipulation?

    I can make only a new save state of a game and it’s possible to load this save state but not the old save state before the update.

    I hope that for the next new version of Recalbox that there will not be this type of problem on the emulators… It's annoying to lose the save state of the games…

    Thank you for your help!


  • Finally, I made a backup of the file gambatte_libretro.so in the directory /usr/lib/libretro with Putty and I copied the version available of the file from recalbox 4.1.0 with WinSCP and now I can use the save state files and it work perfectly.

    If the developer can solve this problem for the next version of Recalbox it will be great.

  • @will_27 there could have been an upgrade in the format of the savestate between both versions. Does saving + reloading work from a 18.04.20 only savestate ?

  • @substring OK, it’s sure because now it works with the old version of gambatte. Yes, save and load work fine on the version of gambatte from a 18.04.20 but this version is unable to load a save state already present from previous version.

    I think that a tool would be needed to convert the old version of save state to the new version to avoid to losing the progression in a game.

  • @substring The best is to add the support of the old save state files on the next version and convert directly these files on the new format when the user saves the state of the game in the same slot (the file must be replaced). It’s a good idea I think.

  • @will_27 we don't write emulators dude, can't do that

  • Is it possible to play GB games with a GBC Emulator? I want to instal one emulator for both types of console games.

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