Recalboxes in LAN

  • Hi!

    I have recently installed two recalboxes at home (same network) and I wanted to know if it could be possible to play games that can be played with several consoles (ex : GBA with link cable) and have each recalbox be one console.

    It could be nice, especially for games that require not to see the other player's screen. And you could even play over the internet later on with that kind of system which would be awesome !

    I haven't found any documentation to do that (I have only found one to have one recalbox manage both consoles).

    Do you guys have any idea if that is possible and how ?

    Thank you very much !


  • @antoinepic Hi

    Netplay is something that does exist in retroarch, but not "yet" available in recalbox in a friendly format. There is a topic somewhere to gather people and test betplay

  • @Substring
    Hi !
    Thank you very much, I will look into that.

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