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Best 'wireless' controller with RF dongle 'without' AA batteries

  • Hi there,

    We are looking for a wireless controller for Recalbox ... but without the need of AA batteries and it has to be with a RF dongle and not with bluetooth ...

    Can someone name some controllers for us? We already checked the Compatibility list on github but the one we bought needs AA batteries or uses bluetooth but we need a wireless controller wih intern accu and a RF dongle ...which one? Please help us!

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  • CRT Fan

    hi, why RF over BT ?

    With bluetooth, best controller for me is the Wii U Pro controller.
    Not cheap, but there is some chinese copy on amazon (like Qumox) for 15 buck per unit.
    Really good quality for a copy.

  • @idarius

    Thanks for your answer ... In the past I had trouble with the inputlag that bluetooth gave me (both internal bluetooth from raspbery pi 3b and a good asus bluetooth dongle) and my personal experience is that RF dongle gives me a lower input lag ... Don't you notice any difference?

    About the wiiu pro controller: it's the best controller I have ever had I think, but the dumb f*ck I am, I sold it with my wiiu lasat year. I really regret that ... About that chinese copy: is the battery the same? because I like the 80hours from the orginal!! And what about the inputlag?

    I now bought a CLS wireless gamepad (rf) it's great for the price but now I'm not sure anymore that it has lower inputlag then bluetooth ... maybe I had a bad dongle or something ...

    SO if someone knows a good controller with THE BEST RESPONSE , please let me know 🙂

    Thanks in advance!!

  • CRT Fan

    I have a bluetooth dongle (CLS i think ?) and dont notice any lag playing on a crt with wii u pro controller.
    Mario bros 3 is as smooth as my original nes controller.

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