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  • Hello everyone!
    I know that that is an option already set in RetroArch destinated to insert cheats. But I was looking for a couple of cheatcodes for a game that has hundreds and I could not find anything useful in a list with 6 codes. Is there a way to input more cheatcodes? I see that there is a folder that reads "cheats" but I have no idea how to use it or how to change LibRetro-Gambatte lists for example.
    Can anyone help me?

  • @arcticlion You can hit up and download libretro/retroarch compatible cheats. I suggest sticking with the game genie codes. They seem to work better. You can download specific codes too, by checking and only downloading checked. Then its just a matter of moving the file over to recalbox share folder. You can load the cheat manually by navigating to the folder you placed your .cht file in the retroarch menu. Hope this helps you out.

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