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Ghost/Phantom Inputs in Emulationstation

  • Hey there!

    A few weeks ago I switched to RecalBox and I absolutely love it so far.
    I used some time lately to reorganize my library of games.

    Before I had a little smaller library and ghost/phantom input just rarely happened. For example: When I scroll down the game list of a platform, it would just go on until I press another key.

    Now that my library is bigger, it happens much more. Actually so often that I can't use my controller in Emulationstation anymore.

    Here is what I use:
    Raspberry Pi 3b
    Asus BT 4.0 Dongle
    2TB HDD
    Sony Dual Shock 4
    8bitdo NES30 Pro
    Rii i8+ Keyboard

    These input problems do not happen when I use the Rii i8+ Keyboard, which came with his own dongle.

    It does happen with both Controllers. Doesn't make a difference if I use my BT Dongle or the onboard BT.

    What I still need to try is if it happens when I use a cable connected to a controller.

    What's the cause of the problem?
    Since it only happens in the game list, I assume that the huge amount of scraped images are causing it(?)

    Can you reduce it somehow? New/other Bluetooth dongle? Wait for the RecalBox Version for the 3b+?
    Overclock higher than 1300Mhz?

    Anything that could help is appreciated.


  • @lexx start evtest and check all input devices to see which one is sending ghost inputs. Have you enabled the gpio controls ?

  • @substring Thank you for answering.

    I usually have only the PS4 controller paired. The 8bitdo is never being used. Only tried it out to see if I also have the problem with that one as well.

    Only the Rii i8+ with his own dongle is connected and my PS4 controller over Bluetooth

    I've tried the evtest just now. Here are two pictures.
    Strange is that I see the keyboard twice. And the test itself was too fast to see any manual input from the controller. Edit: You can actually see one from me.

    I did not enable gpio controls. Isn't that related to multiple arcade controllers? I'll look it up.

  • @lexx which controller generated all those outputs ? which number in [0-2] ?

  • @substring It was 2 - the Wireless Controller aka PS4.

    Edit: Same happens with the 8bitdo NES30.
    The pictures from the post above were with onboard Bluetooth enabled and no dongle connected.

    I now disabled onboard Bluetooth and added my dongle. It works a bit better, but it's still hard to navigate through the Emulationstation menu. Still ghost inputs. Only the keyboard works flawlessly.

    In-game everything is fine.

  • @lexx your pad looks like it's not calibrated as it's alays sending inputs

  • @substring Anything I can do about it?

    Another edit: After thinking about it ...
    That would be strange as it has no problems in games. At all. It's only happening in Emulationstation. Nowhere else.
    I'm confused.

  • @lexx the gamepad is constantly moving of 1/256th, so most emulator that use digital inputs wouldn't notice it

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