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  • Firstly I should brag on y'all and show you much love. I do love recalbox, it's the best media center in my house and also the cheapest. Thank y'all very very much for all your hard work and whatever it is you lot get out of doing this I wish loads on you.

    Next thing ought to be me recognizing my question has probably been answered. I did look and actually got answers to most of my questions I just have this one left and I'm not getting results in English and I am too ignorant for French or German, sorry.

    When you update through recalbox do you lose your theme? I've read you'll keep your roms and saves but I would like explicit confirmation that I'll keep my theme before I update.

    Thanks a bunch for your time. Thanks again to everyone who works on Recalbox. Have a great day y'all and if any of youse got answers thank you as well champ.

  • @marchegiano themes are not erased on upgrade

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