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X-Arcade Recalbox/Retroarch Nightmare

  • Hi Guys,

    I have an old X-Arcade dual joystick that I connect to my Raspberry pi or PC (through USB) with two adaptors:
    Instead of connecting to the PS2, I have an additional adaptor from the PS2 to USB (note, when I say PS2 I mean the Sony console not the PS2 keyboard port).

    So, Recalbox recognises the controller as: usb-WiseGroup._Ltd_MP-8866_Dual_USB_Joypad-joystick

    Does anyone know how to configure this controller?

    I've followed the following link instructions, but with minor success.

    It worked at some point, but after exiting a game, rebooting the Pi or changing the SD-Card, the settings of the controllers where lost and not working anymore.

    Its really a nightmare. Does this controllers has full support in Recalbox or Retroarch?

    It's really a nightmare. Some help would be highly appreciated.

    Marco Ferreira

  • @marcof your tankstick is not at all recognized as a tankstick, so the usual procedures may not work. Can you please maje a support archive si that i cab see how it's now detected ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @substring

    I believe is this information you need:



  • @marcof you don't need to run the xarcade driver, it should just work

  • @substring

    Its so strange. It works on the first time always. If I reboot and configure the dual x-arcade it works like a charm.
    The problem is that after I play a game, I quit the emulator and the left stick stops working.

    I know exactely what happening but I dont unsderstand why it is happening. I'll try to explain below:

    1 - So starting point is the configuration of the X-arcade. No problem. Everything goes smoothly. Notice the picture below. The left stick is identified by Recalbox as Hat0 (Up, Down, Left, Right), check picture below:
    2 - Same thing for the second x-arcade contorloder. Same thing, recalbox identified the right stick as Hat0 (Up, Down, Left, Right), check picture below:
    3 - Now, I play some game and leave the game. the left stick does not work (only the left stick...all buttons work fine). So my first guess it to configure it again. Check the image below. Now Recalbox, for some reason identifies the left stick of my X-arcade as Axis (1+, 0+, 0-...etc)...

    This is the real problem. For some reason, Recalbox or Retroarch stop identifying the left and eventualy the right sticks as "HAT" to identify them as "Axis".

    Do you know why this is happening?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @marcof WTF is that ????? is there any combo key that changes the mode of the stick ?

  • @substring No ideia....Its a nightmare...


  • @marcof still, you should read the doc and check what i said

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