Update 18/04/2018 X86 / X86_64 Sound Problem

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    I updated two pcs (x86 and X86_64) with 18/04/2018 update. All is fine except the sound after reboot.

    The update seems to loose sound config and mutes all the sound card output.

    To reactivate the sound, plug a keyboard, just press F4 to exit ES, log into recalbox

    login : root
    password : recalboxroot

    run alsamixer

    # alsamixer

    you should have that :
    0_1524656203312_Capture du 2018-04-25 13-27-30.png
    unmute all the items with the "m" key and increase at least Master and PCM
    0_1524656244679_Capture du 2018-04-25 13-32-57.png
    The sound should come back.

    Exit alsamixer with "ESC" key

  • I have this same problem, I did the update of my system today and it was without sound, these settings that you did pro sound back, was everything in Recalbox or did you use another PC and did by Winscp?

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    @jessé-carneiro-de-freitas I used a ssh connection from another computer, but you can do that on the Pi with a keyboard as written upper "plug a keyboard, just press F4 to exit ES, log into recalbox"

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