Raspberry pi zero w loses usb controller signal

  • Hi everyone

    I'm actually facing a small problem on a sideproject.
    Doing a very small gamestation with pi zero w.

    I'm testing it with a microsoft usb controller (that has always perfectly work on my main raspberry pi 3 gamestation).
    The controller works for the first 30 seconds of game and then it's like the pi loses it.

    On emulator like snes i can unplug and plug back but on neo geo it doesn't work.

    I've tried to set the max usb current to 1 thinking it might be a power loss but it doesn't change anything.

    After another test, it seems that it happens only when i use left thumb stick. Like the signal gets blocked (i can hve my character staying crouched, or wlaking straight and nothing stops it).

    Could it have a link with the fact that for stick we only confiure up and left now ?

    Do you have any clue about this problem ? I haven't seen it on the forum

    Best regards

  • @greed it's not an emulation problem. Rather a driver/kernel/hardware problem

  • Thank you,

    Any idea how to solve that ?

  • @greed not at all, should furst see kernel messages when the problem happens

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