Recalbox 7.0

Cannot play 2 player games

  • Hi all, I'm completely new to retrogaming and also to game consoles (some linux background, though) in general so my question may seem quite easy for others... I can't select 2 player mode in any of the (nes) games I tried, like Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Island for example, but all others, too. Sometimes it looks like I have to go up/down or left/right using the D-Pad. Or probably pressing a button. But nothing happens for any of the buttons/pad movements except for the "start" button to actually start the game. In 1 player mode. I have two identical USB XBox Controllers and I use the following settings in recalbox.conf: enable_xbox_drv=1 xboxdrv_nb_controls=2 It seems like I'm missing something general. Can anyone point me in the right direction? BTW, 2 player mode for Mortal Kombat 2 (sega32x) or Speedball 2 (megadrive) work fine. Thanks in advance

  • I feel kind of stupid: a friend of mine gave me a hint... It's the "select" button, which is this rather small "back" button on my XBox controllers. And I thought I had pressed all of the buttons. Oh well...

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