Help getting the analog sticks to work!

  • After more troubleshooting i cannot figure this out my self. i've been trying for hours to get this to work for the PSX games that need the analog sticks to work. when i go into recalbox and the controller settings to configure my controller i configure the L3 and R3 by pushing it but i can't configure the analog part (up, down, left right) anyways then i go into retro arch. it says in User 1: Retropad/Analog and User 1: Analog to Digital: None then i go into the options and it say's pad type: analog.

    i know i'm missing something and going and searching all i can find is Retropie. but i'm not using that so i don't know how to get it to work on Recalbox. i don't know how to edit much so if i have to do that on my desktop i would need help with that if that's what i have to do. i'm doing what everybody is telling me to do but i've already done that

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