Adding PSP dlc

  • So my question is if one can add DLC how would they? and does it require opening up the SD card? i personally use USB for storing my games, and my SD card reader kinda blew up (don't ask)

  • @tonic-orange absolutely no idea, you should check in the ppsspp forums first

  • ok i figured it out, the folder locations are a little weird compaired to PC. I figured i should post what i found out for anyone else who wants to know.

    what i did was take the 'GAME' folder and placed it in recalbox/system/configs/ppsspp/PSP/(GAME would go here)
    in the 'GAME' folder is a folder that says ULUS folowed by some numbers, this is where its game specific so once the 'GAME' folder is made you can either merge all new ones, or place the ULUS folder directly inside it

  • Try these steps:

    Connect your PSP to the PC with a USB cable. Take the DLC folder for example: “ULUS10461” and copy it to your memory stick on the PSP/GAME/ folder. Double check that the DLC files are where they should be:
    X:\PSP\GAME*DLC Folder goes here

    *Leave USB mode and press select to bring up the VSH menu and select “Recovery Menu”

    *Then Select “Advanced”

    *Change “NoDRM” to Enabled by pressing the left or right on the D-PAD

    *Be careful not to press X else you will change it back to disabled, so press circle two times instead to leave that menu.

    *Now press select again and choose “Reset VSH” to apply the changes:

    You could apply this PSP and PPSSPP Games.

    Hoping it helps you.

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