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[Question] Override image path in a theme

  • Themer

    Hi, I'm currently making a theme off the new Recalbox theme. I'm gonna try to explain this the more precise I can.

    For most of the "data/systemviews" I like to have the "consolegame" to only show the console without cartridges.

    So I went and edited the theme.xml file and under "consolegame" I've renamed every "consolegame.svg" to "console.svg". Like that it works and it shows only the system picture without the cartridges.

    Thing is for the "vertical_carousel_left.xml" and "new_carousel_top.xml" I really like to have the cartridges too.

    So I tried adding the following lines to my "new_carousel_top.xml" but it looks like the <path> is ignored and it only shows the "console.svg" file.

    How can I override my <path>? Or maybe I haven't wrote it correctly.

    Thanks for helping me.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @freemanqc tags must be different

    Under <view name=system> you should have <image name="console"> and consolegame under detailed/basic view

    Edit: the other way but you get the idea 😉

  • Themer

    Thanks a lot man it worked perfectly!

    BTW I though the extra="true" value could be written to "false" to make it hidden. It seems like it's not for that.

    To hide stuff I'm doing this, let me know if it's okay

    Thanks again really appreciated 🙂

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