Lots of crashes on latest version

  • Hi, I've installed the latest version from scratch (not updated). I've copied my games backup in corresponding folders.

    I'm currently creating a custom theme and I'm getting lot of crashes

    • While rebooting emulation station (refresh gamelist)
    • While browsing the systems list
    • While browsing the games list
    • Using my RB after it was open for few hours and let there

    The crash brings the black RB screen with the RB logo at bottom.

    The crash are really random, can happen at any time.

    I've checked and the VRAM and it never goes over 250mb from what I remember. It doesn't seem related to this.

    Is this a known issue? Thanks for help!

  • @freemanqc Well, I'd say you're not just using the embedded roms and, on the opooposite, it's pretty bloated ? So yes, we've spotted some problems here and there that will be really difficult to fix, should take a few releases

  • Yeah man no problem! I just didn't saw any posts about it. Though i'd make one to let people know but I was pretty sure you already knew it!

  • @freemanqc Well that's sadly somthing we had not encountered during our tests :/

  • @substring Sorry but what do you mean by "embedded roms"?

  • @tekkenism a fresh vanilla Recalbox install

  • @substring A fresh install? He already says he installed it fresh? (not updated)

  • @tekkenism i mean not bloated with roms

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