General Bluetooth GamePad sensitivity

  • I'm wondering why I haven't found a (dedicated) topic for this issue, so I start a new one:

    Is there a chance to configure sensibility of D-Pad and Analog-Sticks, globally for any connected Bluetooth GamePad?

    In my and also some friends' point of view, even games in different emulators react too sensitive on both D-Pad and Analog-Stick inputs.


    • Steering with D-Pad in well known SNES kart racing game is very tricky, same in in N64 version with Analog-Stick. The vehicles often take the corner much more far than we wanted - and than we expected - because we know the original console's behavoir.
    • Same for example with shooters on PSX, no chance to point exactly on an enemy because Analog-Stick is so extremely sensitive.

    It's not just my config, I've seen this on other Recalboxes of friends too. I'm using 1 PS4 GamePad and 1 8bitdo NES30 Pro GamePad on latest 4.1 stable. But Problem also seen already with PS3 GamePad on 4.1 unstable a year ago.

    Can't tell if wired controllers are affected too, we all use and use and have BT-controllers only.

    Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions.

  • @lhari84 snes never had analog inputs !
    For n64, you can configure the deadzone
    Psx : i thinknthe pad is not set as analog in retroarch

  • @substring
    Thanks I'll try to find the settings you suggested and modify them.

    Regarding SNES, that's why I have written I have same problem but with D-Pad there 😉

  • @substring
    The thing with the D-Pad is quite strange anyway. In my understanding, as it's called "Digital"-Pad, it only knows "button pushed" or "button NOT pushed". How the h*** can it be that it's too sensitive? 😄
    Maybe some input lag when releasing the button...? But on the other hand response times seem quite good, at least since I use an external BT-dongle instead of the Pi3's internal bluetooth.

  • @lhari84 my bad XD

    Input lag i guess. Sharpen your reflexes, time to open your 3rd eye and improve your foreseeing skills ^^

  • @substring
    I will ^^

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