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Amiberry and GPIO Drivers

  • I am planning to use GPIO instead of DragonRise usb. Is amiberry works ok with GPIO drivers? Would be nice to know before I put all the effort for the cabling.

  • @alpermis i can't tell 😕 it should

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    If anyone is using amiberry with GPIO, please confirm the controls are working (or not!)

  • After long 2 hours, my fingers hurt like a son of a god. But finally, I replaced my usb setup to GPIO. And its working lika a charm.

    Amiberry works well with gpio drivers. No issues at all. My only problem left is I can't overwrite the original amiberry configuration. It doesn't matter what I do/save, it loads the default. I know I know, I need to open another thread about this but I decided to just learn how to live with it.

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    @alpermis you can continue in that thread, that's okay

    For tweaking configuration, the way to go is to use WHDL games, not ADF.

    If you still want to use ADF and tweak conf, you'll have to remount your share partition as writable and modiffy the configgen files generating amiberry conf

  • @voljega I thought I should do that but the thing is I could not manage to find those config files. I named my own file and searched with linux find command. And I could not locate it. Would be better if I could edit the default config file. Because only two things I like to change is 4/3 screen aspect ratio setting and floppy disk read speed. Thats it. I just want to play games full screen and load them fast.

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    @alpermis There is no default conf file, it is dynamically generated.

    You can find it there : /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/configgen/generators/amiberry

    For floppy disk read speed edit file ( you will have to add a line between 57 and 58 to write floppy read speed
    To know the name of the parameter, modify it in GUI in-game, save your conf file and without quitting game go look into the uae file in /tmp/amiga/amiberry/conf to see what the parameter is
    Be aware that this will lead to a loss of compatibility and many ADF may not launch anymore.
    And once again with WHDL, you wouldn't get any loading time 😉

    For aspect ratio, edit file ( and modify line 158
    This will be corrected in next update of the emulator

  • You are a life saver 🙂 About WHDL, I need to learn all about those first. How to create, modify, config etc... Need to find time and motivation to do it. Some day I hope 🙂

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