180316 SEGA CD/MEGA CD Issues games cue, iso wav

  • Hello

    I have some games that were cue file indexing the iso and wav files that use to work in previous versions of recalbox they were running ok but in the new one they are not working anymore.

    When I launch the cue file for Sonic CD or for Snatcher both of them are loaded and the bios screen appears however after sega logo, the games are halted in the introduction screen and a strange sound is heard. (retroarch menu works perfectly and I can exit the game with hotkey button) The games in cue and bin format are working fine.

    The recalbox support file are here https://file.ac/yyyFXlu6zqQ/ However it seems that the problem is inside the emulator.

    thx for your help

  • @kelv we've just added chd extension support, nothing more

  • @substring I know, but it's strange. Never mind as I have only two games affected as I only have two games in that format. I'll go for cue-bin approach or chd files.


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