Custom reboot menu item?

  • Good day folks. I use a dual boot with direct boot into osmc. In order to exit gaming and go back to movies I must select reboot (under the main screen settings submenu)

    To make this easier, I would like an icon that (my 6 year old) can scroll to - akin to the nes, super nes, Sega, etc icons.

    When selected, thus icon reboots the system.

    If possible, rather than saying reboot having the icon labeled OSMC would be lovely.

    1 - is this possible?
    2 - how would I go about adding this custom menu item to the gui?

    Thanks crew!

  • @landspeeder with the new 18.03.16, you can get a reboot icon when you press SELECT at the main menu, reboot will have a round arrow. Is that better for you ? The icon is part of the theme, you can customize it

  • @substring that is a nice shortcut! And one I'm certain my little kiddos could learn.

    Not end of the world, but is it possible (for an end user) to customize the GUI to have that as a selectable icon alongside the various systems?

  • @landspeeder absolutely not, it's like set in the stone

  • @substring thank you

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