Moonlight on ODroid XU4

  • Hi there,

    I set up a recalbox with Rpi3 at work for our game room a while back and I am thinking of building one for my kids at home.

    I want to use a ODroid XU4 but see that moonlight is currently disabled in the board compatibility list.

    I can see from these two forum posts that it is possible to run moonlight on a XU4 and was wondering if there was any limitation in having it running in Recalbox ?

    If not how can I help ?

    Cheers and thanks for the amazing work !

  • @letic hi
    As far as i remember it was disabled because it was sluggish as we couldn't get the VPU to decode the video. But check if your roms folder has Moonlight, it would mean it's enabled (but don't expect great perfs).

    The problem with areascout's version is that it needs X11, and is never up to date, so i cab't include it.

  • hey @Substring thanks for the answer.

    It seems to me that areascout's stuff is using only SDL now : but if it's not up to date then I understand.


  • @letic nein nein, faut pas sortir le topic de 3 ans :p

  • Qqu vient de me dire que ca marche sur xu4

  • @substring said in Moonlight on ODroid XU4:

    Qqu vient de me dire que ca marche sur xu4

    Ah ben voila :p pas si bête que ça ma question ;)

    Excellente nouvelle, y a t'il quelque chose à activer niveau Recalbox ou cela va fonctionner out of the box (je n'ai pas encore mon XU4 pour tester) ?


  • @letic non rien de spécial. Sauf que la compatibilité des pads en a pris un coup avec le bump, on voit avec l'auteur. Lis le wiki bien sur (anglais, je n'ai pas mis a jour el FR)

  • @substring Top merci !

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