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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus) - Compatible?

  • @voljega there is not a version of amiberry for this board? It should be a pity...

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    @hex12 I correct myself, found references in their issues that it is now supported, but then it doesn't mean that it will work on Recalbox, we'll have to try (well @substring will have to try :D )

  • Yeah, anyway anything new means "subs can you dont ?"...

  • Regarding tinkerboard, i just finished compiling it yesterday, so calm down your horses all, still much to go

  • @substring but which systems will be supported on tinker board compared to the ones supported in Pi3?

  • @hex12 for now i simply removed advancemame and mame2010. Everything is like pi3 for now. Id on't think i'll include kodi on the first releases, this mostly depends on the perfs.

    But, just so that you ubderstand that you are being a little too pushy : i couldn't test emulators yet. RA couldn't start in the beginning, nor ES. I got RA launching 2 days ago (didn't even try a game, too early) and could finally get ES to start late this night.

    This all takes much time, you really don't seem to realize ...

  • @substring that it takes a lot of time i realize, and your work is really great not only for tinker board, but for all recalbox that as for now is the best platform for me. I only was curious to know about this board which plans you were doing, as the board itself has a big power respect to Pi. I didn't want to put you in a hurry, just to understand the plans or the intentions. If my words brought to give another sensation i ask sorry for that, it was not my intention. I only wished to know if with the board and the emulators that actually are ported on it we could have the opportunity to play systems like 3DO that Pi actually can't play. Sorry again if my intentions appeared in a different way to you.

  • @Substring I got a question for you ^^ Did you try to stream moonlight on 1080p 60fps on the new 3B+ (in your internal testing ?), if so, is it still not powerful enough to handle it and we will have to stay in 720p or might we have a good surprise ? :p

  • @eightkiller errrrr ..... Have you missed the part where i said i don't have a 3b+ yet ? ;)

  • @substring haha indeed I did ^^ xD

  • @substring said in Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus) - Compatible?:

    errrrr ..... Have you missed the part where i said i don't have a 3b+ yet ? ;)

    So, if you do not have a 3b + yet, it means that it will certainly wait, not a few weeks, but rather a few months to have a functional version of recalbox for this new rpi 3 b +? Did I understand your meaning?

  • @simba51 damn please read the full topic ... I said pi3b+ is working on our side but ppsspp. Supporting the 3b+ is not just a matter of porting recalbox to it as it currently works just fine ! Beside ppsspp, there are other technical matters on the recalbox upgrade level to handle. Unless you want me to brick any upgrading pi or x86 (because this is what would happen for now if I push the work)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, I bought a Raspberry Pi to install RecalBox. I thought well done by taking the model 3B + ....... After an evening trying to install it, I learned that it was not yet compatible ....
    I am eager to test the first version of recalbox for Raspberry 3B + :)

  • @Substring

    What, if anything, can us users do to help you out?

    I've seen emulation projects like this in the past where the product gets good and people start asking for more and more and eventually the developer just says screw it, it's not worth the headache.

    People are impatient creatures, especially once they are hooked on something and recalbox has that special something that keeps people asking for more.

    I want to see recalbox succeed, so what can we do to help make this happen? Patients? Money? Hardware?

    Good luck!!

  • @ivwshane i need patient users who read once for all what i've explained :D

  • Hi, I'm very new to the Pi world and I just got my very first Raspberry Pi (the 3B+). :D One of my friends told me the first thing I should install is Recalbox, which I did, but it looks like the 3B+ is not yet supported. So I'll be keeping an eye out on this thread while I wait patiently. :)

  • Bonjour Substring et tout le monde.
    La version de Recalbox compatible Raspberry Pi 3B+ progresse bien ?
    Rencontres tu des difficultées ?
    Mets un petit message hebdomadaire pour alimenter l'espoir. Qu'on vienne te soutenir. :)

    (google translate)
    Hello Substring and everyone.
    The version of Recalbox compatible Raspberry Pi 3B + progresses well?
    Do you have difficulties?
    Put a little weekly message to fuel hope. May we come and support you. :)

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  • @voljega aucun pb me concernant

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