Using newer (SDL2) version of Amiberry possible?

  • I discovered that the Amiga emulation uses an older SDL1 version of Amiberry. While this works fine performance-wise, it has the known problems that screen size adjustments are not saved (bad for games that use Overscan like Oxxonian) and it has a very high audio latency (about half a second in the Action game of Oxxonian). Is it possible to use a newer build of Amiberry (one of the SDL2 ones) instead? They have much less audio latency and get the screen size right.

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    @rabejens no it's not possible by yourself, you have to wait for integration, and it won't be before 3-4 months at least

  • @rabejens I'll make it more precise: midwan made the choice to use sdl2-ttf, which forces OpenGL instead of OpenGLES. That's a big no go as it would mean to switch Recalbox to KMS/DRM, knowing that the KMS driver for pi is still on a beta stage, and has quite some drawbacks as of today. We'll have to stick to SDL1 for very very much time

  • OK, then I'll have to stick with the DOS and maybe ST versions of the Amiga games I want to play.

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