No "Update Games List" 18.02.09/ 4.1.0-DEV

  • Hi All, I'm new to Recalbox and Pi in general.

    for some reason, i can't find an "update games list" whatsoever in my recalbox. the two version types i see are Emulationstation 4.1.0-DEV and Recalbox 18.02.09.

    Also, when i transfer ROM to the SD card over google chrome, they show as there. If i restart ES, they disappear on my PC's browser.

    Has anyone had this issue/found a workaround? I'm assuming something is misconfigured.

    The Pi came from CanaKit and RecalBox was a quick-load OS option in Noobs when i booted for the first time. Was originally going to retropi but this seemed easier.

    0_1520309265706_screenshot-2018-03-06T04-06-44-518Z.png 0_1520309593800_screenshot-2018-03-06T04-10-13-414Z.png 0_1520309596310_screenshot-2018-03-06T04-12-46-648Z.png 2_1520310039719_screenshot-2018-03-06T04-06-44-518Z.png 1_1520310039718_screenshot-2018-03-06T04-10-13-414Z.png 0_1520310039718_screenshot-2018-03-06T04-12-46-648Z.png

  • @swizzle65 hi
    The option to refresh gamelists are in UI settings

    Now for your chrome problem, no idea. Does uploading roms through network share works ?

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