Saving Issues after lastest updates.

  • So Only have SNES roms,

    After updating to 18.02.09, I have been seen issues where the recalbox fails to:

    -Remember new games added to favorites list
    -Fails to remember save files.

    I noticed today, I went to Chrono Trigger... and puff, lost four hours because the save file was deleted? I guess...

    Then I loaded DKC 2, and same, no saved files...

    It has to be something serious, because ES says a game was last played months ago, or never, and that is not true...

    I'm storing roms and scraped info on an external USB drive.
    I did it by following this guide when I was in 4.0

    At this point I would like to:
    1- See if there is any way to recover the saved files
    2- I'm thinking about blowing everything and start from scratch with a more recent BETA version?

  • Hi @boxcarpilot,
    I'm new to recalbox and raspberry world, but immediatly seems to have problems.
    I just installed recalbox using NOOBS and after a couple of tries I've came up with your same problem.
    My saved files are overwritten at reboot. This happens to roms, configurations (language, date/time, controllers).
    And this happens if the changes are made through the ui of recalbox, via ssh or via webpage on the local lan.

    By the way, I've a couple of other things:

    1. the partition at the end of the installation has not been enlarged, so it is too small to host roms - is there a way to take all the space available?
    2. haven't managed to use these instructions to load from a NAS my roms, I guess because at reboot everything is gone. I'll double check this.

    Then i found your post. I will stop trying to understand and will wait for updates.

    A last question. How do I know my exacly installed version of recalbox? Nothing emerges from the web page...

  • I've found my version: 18.2.09... is it possible?!

  • @pc1919 open a new post since you have different issues

    Make sure you followed

    16GB SD and using Etcher NOT noobs

  • @boxcarpilot check the saves folder to see what's been saved and when

  • I checked the saves folder under /share.

    They were there, I exported them and then proceed to test with a PC emulator for snes.

    Unfortunately, it seems they were not saved....

    Anyway, I was thinking about, maybe shutting down the Pi3 via cutting off AC power might not be a good idea.

    I will buy a new case for it, and see if I can program the soft shutdown to a physical button.

  • @boxcarpilot now it is working. I've done a fresh installation after downloading the full image.
    I guess the problem is noobs.

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