How do I scrape DOS games?

  • I want to be able to pull down pictures and game information for DOS games in recal box but it doesn't work. How do you scan and fill out information for a DOS game based on title?

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    I have more Dosbox games installed as other so. He find alot of the games if you start from the right database on the web. THEGAMESDB is a good choice in the ES menu.
    From this on, I scrap all games individually. So, Hotkey + Select when you stand over the game name in ES. This brings you up modifications for the meta datas. On the second screen down, you can scrap. If he dont find, because name not for him understandable, Enter something more, or just some keywords more explicit.
    In general after some try, he find most of names. You can anyway control in your browser their website if some scrape exist. Most games are there.
    If he dont find, try other database or enter it by hand into gamelist.xml and join a picture to the image folder.
    Some explications how to build by yourself, you find here

  • Ahhhh yes I didn't even notice the SCRAPE FROM option for some reason. Thanks!

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