KXD USB pad diagonals not working

  • I downloaded the Galisteo_128GB_Recalbox4.1 - which i love but when i set up my pad
    It asks me to configure dpad and then joystick 1 up and right i think it is and joystick 2 up and right.

    What this means is when i play something like Mario 64 my joysticks can only go up down left and right there is no diagonal registering, so you can image how mario runs about in that.

    I am running a rasp3 with the above image, the KXD is a wired usb ps3 clone.

    Just as a footnote, on other builds where its allowed me to configure analogues rather than just joystick 1 and 2 ive been able to get the diagonals to work.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards.

  • Banned

    @looneymetal there is not support for unofficial and illegal images, only for official version, which you can find here : http://archive.recalbox.com/

  • @looneymetal this is why we don't support custom lousy versions of recalbox ...

  • Im pretty new to all this i didnt realise this was unofficial! ill have a looky at official ones thanks for the link!

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