Dreamcast has constant popping sound or ROMs will not load

  • Hey all, i need help with a Dreamcast issue. First of all im running 4.1 and i do have BIOS in there. Everytime i go to load a game there is popping sound (kind of like when your headphone jack is not in all the way and you get a speaker pop sound).

    For some games only half of the image will display then kick me back to the main menu or i will set the time and date then the screen will sit at gray and i will have to power cycle. I tried different BIOS's but the problem persists.

    I transfered ROMs using WinSCP, and they are all in .chd. Any advice?

  • @zookle we can't do anything regarding what you explained, we don't code the emulators themselves

    Sound popping happens when the alsa buffer underrruns

    For the rest, i can't tell

  • @substring No worries man. I didnt know what it was from so you answered my question. I think the other issues are a mix of ROM and BIOS and i can troubleshoot that. Thanks!

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