PSX games: how to grab my original CDs

  • Hello,

    I have some good old PSX games at home (yes, CDs) and I would like to grab them into files for the emulator, instead of downloading.

    In Ubuntu, I used Brasero to generate .bin / .cue files with WipeOut, and Die Hard Trilogy. I can start them, however, the emulator is not reading the music tracks, and is generating noise instead. Very annoying.

    If there are plenty of resources to transform stuff one can download to something working (converters, ...) I can't find good recommendation to grab my games CDs.

    What settings would you recommend ?

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    @ttoine I would recommend to download some roms, you own the original cds so I don't see the problem.

    Or you can spend weeks or months trying to rip CDs and their protections, special formats, etc... withouth event being sure that the ripped copy will be working, just for the sake of it, when everything is already to be found on the internet with problems already taken care of for you.

    Your choice.

  • OK, I tried to download WipeOut and Die Hard Trilogy, but they are in many files, with some .bin.ecm and .ape files, and I can't make them to work (or I need to convert them in I don't know what...)

    That's why I started to try to grab mine...

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    @ttoine those are compressed format, you just need to uncompress them, search the forum

  • I eventually found another archive of Die Hard Trilogy, that comes with one .cue file and many .bin files. And this one is working. So, maybe, I need to find a way to grab each tracks in separate .bin files. This seems to be impossible with Brasero...

  • @voljega I know that this is compressed formats. But I just would like to play and not spend 2 hours per downloaded archive to process them...

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