A couple of problems with USB controllers

  • Hi everyone,

    I just finished setting up my Recalbox on a Pi3. I have 2 different problems with my USB controllers:

    For reference, I'm using the controllers you can see here: link text

    It's the version with 2 separate boards and 2 USB cables, the right one to be used with Recalbox in theory.

    1. I'm absolutely sure there's a very easy solution to this, but I can't seem to find it: Recalbox autonomously decided that my left hand side controller is player 2, while I want it to be player one, and of course the right hand side controller should be player 2. In the menu I tried several times to invert the controllers (Recalbox recognizes them as 1 and 0, plus a long name after it) but it's always the same.

    For the rest, in game everything's absolutely perfect.

    1. in Kodi (Recalbox's kody, not another boot), and only inside Kodi, sometimes (but not always!) the controller goes completely crazy, as if I was smashing the buttons while moving the joystick randomly. If it was an hardware problem I'd have trouble in Recalbox too, but it's only inside Kodi.

    I haven't found anything about those problems with google, hopefully you guys can help me.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello try to inverse the two USB cable on the pi3.

  • Are you using the virtualgamepad on your smartphone ?

  • @fabtor I was actually tempted to do that but since they're on a 7 ports active USB hub I thought it wouldnt' work... nonetheless I'll try, thanks!

  • @substring Nope, just the 2 USB gamepads

  • @substring that actually did work, thanks! The problem in kodi persists tho...

  • @deeimoos what worked ?

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