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    1. You dint remind me anything , you just ban me
    2. you insult me just for asking a question when you said "that reminds me of how ungrateful people can be "
    3. you are acting childish by locking threads so people can NOT reply , you just say YOUR NASTY opinion about thing and DONT hear anyone else,
      1,2,3 and so easily I proved you that you are wrong , now reply again without changing facts or closing threads , with listening people before feel frustrating and remember you are not GOD to ban people who has different opinios than yours.
      Maybe you are too young to understand things like respect etc
      Goodbye , please people dont p.m me but p.m modderator instead

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    Global moderator

    @lycos please stop posting again and again, you got what you deserve. Your attitude cannot be tolerated here, all moderators agree (we discuss in backstage), and we don't have to debate with you for hours and hours. We're all voluntary, motivated people who do our best to help everyone and make Recalbox the best retrogaming plateform ever. Now if you're not happy because you don't have an answer within a minute on the chat, it's not a reason to speak like you did on the forum.
    This is the end of the discussion, there is no debat possible on that.

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