Mame is forcing Player 2 to use Player 1 controls

  • Hi All,

    I have Recalbox release 17.12.02 installed on a PI3 with Xin-Mo (18 pin) controller, using a joystick and 6 butons for P1 and the same for P2..

    Both controller appears to be working, but I have a problem that Mame appears to be defaulting to the P1 inputs even when P2 is playing.

    For instance in Galaxians I have the P2 LEFT input set as "d or RetroPad2 Left", but when it is P2's turn they are forced to use the P1 controls.

    I have noticed that if I use the Dip Switch settings to set the Cabinet type to "Cocktail" rather than "Upright" it will let me use the P2 controls for P2.

    Any help or suggestions on how to enable the 2 sets of controls in Upright mode would be appreciated.


  • Hi again

    I think I have figured out the problem for myself.

    By pure chance (and the fact that I was looking at the older 1979-1981 games), each of the Mame ROMs I tried while setting up Recalbox only ever had a single set of controls.

    Although the TAB menu includes and allows modification of P2 controls these are only for use when the DIP switch settings are for a Cocktail cabinet.

    Looks like on earlier games I have to live with using a single set of controls!


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